Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Why did I go to work today?

This morning I woke up with great difficulty. My usual 10 minute snooze (I am the snoozing kinda person. The type who sets up the alarm 10 minutes earlier so that I can enjoy my morning lay-in) took about 30 minutes. I ended up getting into traffic and my usual thirty minute drive to work, lasted the best part of 2 hours.

Although everytihng went like clockwork throughout the day, five minutes before I was about to leave, my boss asked for a quick chit-chat.

I hate these chit-chats because not only do they take hours and hours, the outcome is pretty much bugger-all.

This session was no exception! We ended up talking for an hour, and the result was that I'll have to produce a forest worth (and this on the international day for the environment) of absolutely useless forms. Forms that serve virtually no purpose but filling up folders. The more paperwork we create, the more bussy we look, the more work seems to be done. Bureaucracy at its best!

Therefore, the least I can do for my company is to dedicate to them some cartoons about work.

And my absolute favourite:


Michelle said...

Lately I've been sleeping through the snooze alarm.. not good! No problem for me, but a big one for my husband because he never hears the alarm so I'm basically nis "snooze control". I oversleep - he oversleeps = mad screaming panic.

BTW - thanks for the reply on my blog. Yes, I was interested to hear "Epimenides" spent time in Africa. I replied there that Epi might find it interesting that I have connections to Crete. :-) Great great grandfather was born there.

Anonymous said...

Meetings with the boss that go on for hours and hours huh? I don't know which of my co-workers you are...but I'll figure it out one of these days. ;)