Wednesday, 20 June 2007

8 random facts about me

Michelle, tagged me to provide you with 8 random facts about me. I made an effort, in an earlier post, to provide you with some information about me, but I guess I can have another go!

  1. Had an argument with Mick Hucknall the lead singer of Simply Red.
    Friday night in the Hacienda club in Manchester. I'm making out with a girl at the bar - I had my lucky nights too, alright! - until she decides to answer nature's call. I lose sight of her, but her friend is smooching on the dance floor with Mick. I go next to them, trying to get her attention. Mick notices.
    Mick - "What your problem mate?"
    Epi - "I need to talk to the lady"
    Mick - " Fuck off mate!"
    Epi - "Fuck yourself Mick!"
    And since I know you are nosy so-and-so's, yes I did get lucky that night!

  2. Met Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth's husband. You know, the Greek guy!)
    This was in Ghana 1999-2000. The Royal couple were visiting the country, and it was decided that Prince Philip was to tour a couple of British company factories. Well, one of them was the factory that I was managing at the time, so I ended up giving him a guided tour of our facilities.

  3. I once smoked a joint (Yes! Just once!)
    First year at University. There were four people in the house at the time. I still don't know what it was. It was a brownish ball, they heated it with the lighter, and scraped some on the tobacco. They rolled it and smoked. I was not interested. They went to the pub, leaving the thing behind. Bored and smokeless, I smoked it whole! Could not stop laughing, and neither could they when they found me sleeping under the table the following morning.

  4. I rejected an offer for a threesome
    C'mon guys! You should have seen the second girl! No way I could go there!

  5. Embarrassing moment No1
    Needed to visit the loo, at thirty thousand feet, while flying to Nigeria. Walked to the toilets, opened the door and... there is a lady, nickers on the ankles spending a penny.

  6. Embarrassing moment No2
    21 years old, dancing with a girl at a nightclub in Manchester, I notice a couple of elderly people staring at us. She looks at me and says "Do you want to meet Mom and Dad?". I broke the 100m world record!!!

  7. I swear
    I don't get annoyed easily, but when I do, I lose control! Since I want to avoid getting a stroke at this tender age, and not wanting to resort to physical violence, I shout and swear! It's actually rather funny for the others, because my face goes through a spectum of red shades, my voice goes up a pitch, and a couple of minutes later I'm all smiles again.

  8. Falling apart?
    I wonder this myself sometimes, since I can crack my fingers, my toes, my neck, my elbows and my waist! Terminator IV - the attack of the rust!

I guessI'll have a go at tagging a couple of folks.

David, the real mother hen, and rp. (I don't know if they have already been tagged)


Random Magus said...

.. that was a highly entertaining list of random facts especially love the last one....

FB! said...

Well, I guess I know what I'm posting about tomorrow. :)


PS: Threesomes are as much about quantity as quality. She must've been quite the troll, you should have smoked a joint first. ;0

Michelle said...

Prince Phillip must be one of the world's most prominent Greeks who is never ever remembered for being Greek.

I love the photo of the Mona Lisa smoking, it's almost as entertaining as your list of confessions.

David said...

Alright dude! I did it. Thanks for tagging me. :)


rp said...

Finally got around to it!! Thanks. Sorry the threesome didn't work out, man....

Uncle Phatato said...

My wife cracks and pops, too. We need to send her to the chiropractor, but we forget to ask my friend at work for the number. Apparently insurance covers it.

Do they have chiropractors in Greece?

I'M JUST KIDDING...I'm sure they do.

Epimenides said...

It may be a disgusting habit, cracking joints uncle phatato, but it's oh so releiving! :)