Sunday, 3 June 2007

Farewell Amalia

I did not want to get into politics in my blog, but this is a story that really touched me in the past few days, and I think should not go unmentioned.
At 30, Amalia Kalyvinou recently passed away, following a long battle with cancer, but also the Greek Health establishment!
Her blog, malpractice, on her experiences with corrupt and unprofessional doctors and the dysfunctional public health system, has caused a lot reaction from other Greek bloggers.
"Doctors in Athens pledged yesterday to look into accusations of malpractice and corruption made against their colleagues" , is the starting line of the newspaper's article.
Will they bollocks, is my response! The vast majority of them are a bunch of butchering professionals who will do anything for a buck, ignoring the pain and the suffering of their patients.
To them, patients are an open wallet, a blank checkbook, the means of getting a new villa, a new car and jewelry. Screw the Hippocratic oath! They had their long studies, and it is now time to cash in.
What is there to say about the public health system in Greece? How can someone expect it to work, when not much else works in this country. Immersed in bureaucracy, with a vast number of lazy poorly educated and untrained public servants, who more often than not are lackeys of political parties, it is painfully slow and grossly inefficient. They have a job for life and, you see, and they think they can do as they please.
No disrespect to the 3rd world countries, but Greece is one of them. The only difference is that, while they are making an effort to improve, we are continuously sinking deeper and deeper in the shit!
There's always inquiries to the scandals that are riddling this country for yonks now, but absolutely nothing useful comes out of them. They take ages to complete and nobody is ever punished, thrown away to jail, to rot in a wet and dark cell.
Our politicians, 300 members of parliament are doing nothing of purpose, sitting on their hands counting votes and making promises they have absolutely no intention of keeping. Their only concern is getting re-elected!
The result? Young people like Amalia, not being able to live life as all humans deserve, in a country that claims to be part of 21st century Europe.
A country where the basis of Democracy originated!


Michelle said...


Doctors aren't my favourite human species at the best of times, but in some cases they're just total scum.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sarcastic. It could really be worst!!! imagine if something like that took place in the US where doctors are considered to de the 3rd cause of death, or what will happen if you don't have an insurance?will be booted out on the street and your best chance for survival will be Cuba.And doctors are like that all over the world ,bureaucracy ? it exits all over the world brittain and germany have far worst bureaucracy.And last but not least yes this is the country that gave birth to democracy but we also gave birth to tirrany and kingdoms

Epimenides said...

Dear Anonymous,
Perhaps you're right in that other countries have problems,too (although I am not sure about your comments regarding bureaucrace in the UK and Germany).
It is a lame excuse for not looking into our own issues and doing things right!