Monday, 17 September 2007

Where's Epi?

It's been a fortnight since I last posted a single word, or since I last visited my friends' blogs.

In total embarrassment, I apologise for disappearing off the face of the earth as it were, but it really has been - and still is - pretty hectic.

If I were to sum up the goings on in my life in these days, it would be as follows:


Yes, that's where I've been! Working like it's going out of fashion!

Clocking an average of twelve hours a day, including - albeit reluctantly - participating in the relief for the victims of the recent wildfires.

That's pretty much it!

I've been spending most of my limited free time catching up on some Z's and trying to keep my house in a livable state.

Highlights of the past two weeks have been taking my car in for a service (and changing break ads) and voting on the general election! That's pretty pathetic for life content in any one's book. Right?

Unfortunately, I'm still not in a position to guarantee frequent posts, but I promise to put in a more concerted effort.

I miss you guys!

Talk to you soon!!!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Nature lovers

You may recall, from reading this blog, that about a month ago there was a fire that reduced 20% of the forest around Athens to to ashes.
It seems that this country is "blessed" with numerous "nature loving" individuals, who want to be as close to the forest as they possibly can, perhaps in an attempt to stop such an occurrence from happening again.
To significant personal expense, they have rushed to be the first to show their love for nature, and the way for future generations.
I am disgusted being a law abiding, tax paying citizen in a country with people of such mentality!
We are a third world country with no hope of development!
The Phoenix has no hope of resurrecting. It's ashes have been covered with concrete!

Disgusting concrete structure in the midst of the burnt trees

Disgusting concrete structure #2 in the midst of the burnt trees

A third concrete monster bearing it's ugly head

And a fourth one!

Nice...Naughty but Nice

Michelle has awarded me with the Nice Blogger Award award for, in her words, being "nice...naughty but nice".

Experience has shown me that being called a nice guy is not always a good thing!

For xample: "You're a nice guy but I'd rather we stay good friends" know what I mean. ;)

Anyway, a great thanks to Michelle - I'm proud she called me naughty, too! - and to all of you out there.