Friday, 15 June 2007

A long (good) Friday!

I've been running like a headless chicken around Athens today - I took a day off work - and still haven't finished all the jobs I had.

The most important part of the day was my job interview, and what an experience it was!

Knowing the traffic in and around the town, I decided to leave home two hours ahead of the meeting. What a wise decision that proved to be!!

To kick things off, there was a car crash on the road and four lanes of traffic converged into two. Resulting tailback, about thirty minutes. No worries! Still had time to get there with a few minutes to spare. Right? Well, that would have been the case if the guy's assistant had given me the right directions!

I asked virtually everybody owning a corner shop for about five kilometers, I sweated, I smoked, I got stressed and frustrated, I phoned her (without any reply!), but managed to get there with five minutes to spare.

Removed my red cape and blue uniform, changed into my newly bought suit, and went ahead with the interview.

One hour and forty five minutes it lasted. I covered every detail of my life and career to date. It never ceases to amaze me how obscure details about the past come into my mind in situations like these. Overall, I think it went well. We'll wait and see!

Fifty minutes later I was back at home, sweating like a pig (it's 36 degrees outside and about fifty in my house), jumped into the shower and off to the gym! (I know the sequence is not the logical one, but what the heck!).

Now I'm back home, having showered for the third time today, AC on, and posting, before I go out to dinner with my uncle's wife who's visiting from Taiwan.

I desperately need a drink!


David said...

Dude! Enjoy that well earned drink! I hope everything works out and they call you 1st thing Monday morning.

Michelle said...

I feel like I need a drink just reading your day!

Have a great weekend.

The Real Mother Hen said...

That interview lasted 1 hr and 45 min?! Well if you don't get the job, let's see if you can sue them for wasting your time and invoice them for the lost 5 hrs... or at least sue the assistant for "misleading you" on purpose! (Yes that counts too!) Boy I'm glad the day has ended for you...

Holly said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your day. I would have been an absolute panic when I realized that the direction I had were incorrect.
I hope you got the job. It sounds like you certainly deserve it after what you went through.

Anonymous said...

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