Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Swedish Chemist

British comedy at its best! From the team of the "Not the nine 'o clock news", please enjoy.....



Anonymous said...

Great, now my computer has decided it won't play video anymore. Why do these things always have such bad timing? :(

Michelle said...

I just look at Rowan Atkinson and want to laugh.

I've tagged you for "8 random facts about myself".



Epimenides said...

David, If you still have problems with video on your pc, let me know and I'll write for you the conversation. It won't be as good, it's something!

Epimenides said...

Thanks for tagging me Michelle! I'll try my best! I'm glad you enjoyed the sketch! :)

Michelle said...

I look forward to reading it.

I've also tagged you for a thinking blog award. :-D


Epimenides said...

A "thinking award"? Me? What thinking?

Michelle said...

You make me think.. more important - you make me laugh while I think.

BTW - I did some laughing out loud this morning. Sadiq (one of the other bloggers I tagged for making me think) has a new post about who he sees will be the perfect human of the future - the title of this superman?

Zorba the Buddha

See? Even the universe knows that funny Greeks who make you think are worth their weight in gold (weight - not measurement! *grin*)

Epimenides said...

Michelle, all the blogs I wanted to tag, have already been tagged! What do I do?

Michelle said...

Ugh! I know, I had that problem with the 8 things (hence I only tagged 4 people)

You could leave it. Two bloggers I tagged as making me think aren't the "join in" types. They both thanked me, but they won't be tagging anyone else.

You could just say these are the blogs, but they don't have to tag others since they have already been tagged. I mean, turned out that two I picked had already been tagged, but I didn't know. Plus we (Kombai) were tagged twice by two blogs as well. Being tagged twice just made us feel extra smug. :)

So I'd say - go for it anyway.