Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Looking back at the past four years, when I returned to Greece, I have realised that I've become Mr. Jobsearch. I know that "practice makes perfect", but this is bordering the ridiculous!
I have read almost everything that was ever written on the subject, have prepared thousands of cover letters, have prepared numerous CVs and Resumes, have had interviews with almost all of the recruitment agencies, and obviously have made hundreds of job applications and interviews.

Interviews with directors, personnel execs, section managers, male, female, group interviews, aptitude tests, presentations, case studies, "what if" scenarios. You name it, I've done it! I've even had an interview in an office, just following their lunchtime do, and the guy was fumbling for his papers among the dishes and left-overs. (Perhaps I should have accepted their offer...HaHaHa).

The hard fact remains that our great country does not produce shit!

I am a production person, and there simply isn't that much production going on in the country. We have become a nation focused providing services. Tourism, Banking, Logistics, Transportation and things like that. I am currently in the logistics field and I'm desperately seeking an escape.

What really pisses me off, though, is that the last three job offers I had last year were for work in Nigeria. Give me a break! I just returned from there!

Anyhow, I have an interview this Friday, with what seems to be a good company, for a position that sounds right up my street. Who knows! This may be the break I'm looking for!!!

The following is something to keep up my spirits:


Michelle said...

Where did you find that advert? Warped, but so funny. I have an unemployed friend who really needs that ad. It'll cheer him up right away. :-D

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, doesn't your country produce those stuffed grape leaf things? Cause those are delicious and the world would be a huge disappointment without them. :)

Good luck on Friday dude. I'm sending some good bastard vibes your way!

Epimenides said...

Thanks Michelle! I do hope it cheers him up.
BTW have you seen the "Assicon" you requested for? It's in the comments of that post. :)

Epimenides said...

Thanks for the bastard vibes David!I believe you are refering to: dolmadakia! Mmmmmmm... delicious. :)