Sunday, 10 June 2007

Taking it easy

With the monster tamed once again this morning, and the weather being gorgeous and hot, Epi decided to go for a swim.

He was going to take a rather long drive to a nice beach just in the outskirts of Athens (Shinias- the site of the ancient battle of Marathon), and make a day out of it.

It is a nice, though busy beach that's well organised, with a bar and everything, and the waters are always clean.

Swimming trunks, hawaianas, beach towel, a book, the inevitable sunglasses and he was off.

It wasn't meant to be! The whole of Athens, it seems, had the same idea.

After spending twenty minutes in traffic, in total stand still, he turned off the road and went to a bar by the sea for a nice ice cold capuchino freddo!

Perhaps he didn't get a swim, but he relaxed and took the day easy!


Michelle said...

Some of the beaches in scotland are utterly gorgeous. Soft white sand stretching to the horizon. No pollution, no people.. no heat..


Epimenides said...

Perhaps there's no heat, but there's excellent compensation in the Whiskey!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate when you're so popular that everybody hears you're going to the beach and they all decide to do the same. :)

PS: I completely agree on the Scotch!

Epimenides said...

I know David! It's it really hard being a trend-setter! :)