Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Who is Epimenides?

The blogospere is now buzzing about this new kid in town. The immensely funny, unbelievably bright philosopher/comic, God's gift to blogging, Epimenides. (Recently nicknamed Epi).

  1. Greek
  2. Male
  3. Aquarius
  4. Grew up between Nigeria, Ghana, Greece and the UK.


  1. Manchester United
  2. A certain lady from Rio
  3. Pet Parrot
  4. Travelling


  1. Ab crunches
  2. A book load of stuff about his home country
  3. Laziness
  4. Green Beans


  1. Nigeria
  2. Ghana
  3. USA
  4. Brazil
  5. Switzerland
  6. Italy
  7. Taiwan

Favourite writers:

  1. James Patterson
  2. John Grisham

Favourite movies:

  1. Platoon
  2. The Pink Panther
  3. Birdie
  4. Forrest Gump


  1. Eliminate world poverty and hunger
  2. Get hitched to my girl from Rio
  3. Learn how to write a decent post

Reading the above, I just realised that it sounds as if I am a contestant in the Miss World Pageant. What the heck!
Picture? I am afraid not! I don't want to lose the millions of readers of my blog. If you insist, however, here's one of my parrot!


Michelle said...

Hi "Epi" :-)

I've added your blog to my blog links so you'd better keep those musings coming!

I understand the parrots, but Man United??

Just joking. ;-) I went from South African football to Scottish. I know more about nuclear science than I do about Manchester United.

Good luck with the lady from Rio.

The Real Mother Hen said...

This is a great and funny post :)
Hey dude you forgot World Peace :)

Epimenides said...

Thanks Real Mother Hen! My excuse is that I was nervous after falling on my bum on the slippery surface in my high heals! :)

Epimenides said...

Thanks INDEED Michele and I will resiprocate you kind gesture, and include your site on my favourite reads.

Michelle said...

Zeno of Citium? Cool! :-D

I looked him up and I actually quite like him.

Thanks! :-)