Saturday, 28 July 2007

That was the week that was

Fourteen days without break, and I have the Sunday off! Fourteen really long and eventful days, that, come Monday are sure to be followed by more of the same.
I am tired, angry and frustrated that somebody is using my staff and I as beta testers and Guinea pigs for a stupid, pointless project while ruining three years' worth of hard work of organising a department to virtually run itself.
The "brain" - and I use the term loosely - behind the project, even had the audacity to complain about my staff's performance and adaptability to me. I didn't dignify him with a response - which would probably have been the Greek equivalent of a torrent of four letter words - and instead opted to give a piece of my mind to my boss the following day. As they say about people of my size: "Good things come in small packages, but so do potent poisons"!
You do not destroy something functional because you cannot carry out basic project planning and because you want somebody else to do all the hard work for you, and then turn around and insult them! It just isn't on!
I have good relations with all of my staff, and I'm actually proud of their work, development and effort! No, incompetent ass, no matter how far up the "food chain" will be allowed to speak a bad word for them, and expect to get away with it. I am a vengeful sod, and I'm in the process of gathering information for a detailed report to the MD about this sorry excuse of a project.
Why then do I commit myself into this work so much as to sacrifice my personal time on it? It's not because of job security purposes, I can ensure you. I can stay without work for a number of years, during which time I'll surely encounter something better. It's not because I'm expecting comments of gratitude and appreciation from this lot. It's simply because I don't like seeing three years of hard work crumble to pieces in a fortnight! Most importantly, I cannot sit there and watch a perfectly good team of people being used as pawns in some moron's project wet dream!
I know I am ranting and raving - perhaps not even making any sense - and you don't deserve to be reading this crap. I just need to vent out the frustration of the past few days.
This blog, however, is dedicated to at least providing a smile on the face of the people reading it. Judging by the ladies' comments on my previous post, there is quite an interest in jokes about guy's "members" - for need of better expression - so I hope you enjoy what follows below.

A guy walks into the Gents' and notices a rather tanned gentleman standing next to him bearing a huge "dingaling"."I wish mine could be as long as that" said the man, unable to hide his admiration."No problem", said the coloured gentleman. "All you have to do is tie a bit of string to a brick, tie the other end to your willy, and walk with it dangling between your legs for a week".The next week they meet up in the same toilet in the same bar."That treatment of your is fantastic. Look!" he said pointing at his willy. "It's already turned black!"

Two guys are enjoying a beer at the bar.
Noticing a dog, lying on the floor, licking it's genitals, one guy says to the other:
"Oh! How I wish I could do that!"
"Give him a couple of biscuits and perhaps he'll let you"


Blur Ting said...

It funny how you can be ranting and raving about work and giving your boss a piece of your mind...and then suddenly you switched channels and talk about dicks. Bravo!

Kate said...

Oof, Epi, I hope next week is better and that you get a little relaxation tomorrow (today, for you). By the way, FUBAR = Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

JYankee said...

Oh EPI...another good Blur says...way to rant, but turn on the comedy at the same time... !

Epimenides said...

Ting, Kate, Jyankee: I'm glad you liked the jokes. You should see how I am at the office! My opinion is that since the situation is FUBAR moaning about it will not help improve things. The only reasonable thing to do is to crack a joke every now and then and get people's minds off the hell we are going through. I've also found that when people are tired, even the lamest of jokes sounds great!
Finally, what is the use of me ranting about stuff on this page? Since starting this blog, I wanted to share a smile with all people out there!

Random Magus said...

Oh how frustrating. I get so angry thinking about people who try to take all the credit for a work which they really have not contributed to at the same time finding others to put blame on.
It's mostly the incompetent people, who know others are much better, who try to find scapegoats in advance...hope you find the right scathing words for your report.

Amel's Realm said...

Oh, I can understand why you rant about the FUBAR situation at work, Epi.

And yeah, it's funny how you switched to jokes right away he he he...THX for the jokes! KEEP UR sense of humor and GOOD LUCK with your report to the MD!!!

Rebecca said...

Well, good to know that type of corporate incompetence isn't limited to THIS side of the pond, ARGH!!! Hope this week is better.

BTW, funny joke :)

Alice Kildaire said...

you've got a lucky staff to have you watching their back, and keeping them entertained with an endless supply of phallic funnies!