Wednesday, 25 July 2007


It's been a long 14 hour day and I just got in from work. I am too tired to post anything serious tonight - as if I ever do - but I'll share with you a joke I heared today.
This Greek guy full of himself, lets call him Stavros, takes his wife to the maternity clinic to give birth. He is a scruffy looking kinda guy, with a long moustache, sideburns, and greasy hair. He is wearing a shirt with only one button done, at the level of his belly button, a large belly, bearing a hairy chest and a large cross hanging from his neck on a large golden chain.
His wife is taken to the operating theater - or whatever it is called - and soon after the doctor comes out to speak to Stavros.
Doctor - "Your wife is expecting triplets, sir!"
Stavros proudly responds - " Well, of course doc! With Stavros' tool being as big as a hosepipe, what did you expect? And I bet you they are all going to be boys!!!"
The doctor, in shock from Stavros's answer, shakes his head and goes back to attend to his wife.
A couple of minutes later he comes back outside.
Doctor - "What do you know! The first one is a healthy boy!"
Stavros proudly responds - "I told you doc! With Stavros' tool being as big as a hosepipe, what did you expect? And I bet you the two are going to be boys, too!"
Shocked again the doctor returns to the theater.
He emerges a couple of minutes later.
Doctor - "The second is a boy, too!"
Stavros proudly responds - "I told you doc! With Stavros' tool being as big as a hosepipe, what did you expect? I'm sure the third is male, too!"
Once again, the doctor returns to the theater, shocked with this crude guy.
Comes back outside for the third time.
Doctor - "The third one is a boy as well!"
Stavros proudly responds - "I told you doc! With Stavros' tool being as big as a hosepipe, what did you expect?"
Annoyed by now with Stavros's cockiness, the doctor responds.
"Well, my dear friend Stavros, it's high time you started cleaning your hosepipe because all three boys have come out black!"


JYankee said...

EPI... that was CUTE! LOL. Good to see that ur back to ur self. "operating theatre" EPI...EPI... better learn quick...get hooked up with ur girlfriend...gotta know the right vocabulary ace!

Amel's Realm said...


Now I can't stop laughing and it's already past midnight. Oh dearrrrrrrrrr...glad you'll NEVER lose your sense of humour even though you're swamped at work, Epi!!! Sense of humour is DEFINITELY a must in this life! ;-D

The Real Mother Hen said...

This is funny Epi :)
And sorry about your long day. When the sun rises tomorrow, you'll have a sweet day ahead of you :)

Blur Ting said...

Ha haha, that's so funny! I must go tell my friends.

Rebecca said...

That is very funny, Epi :) cant wait to share it!!

Kate said...


Sleep well!

HollyGL said...

Epi, You are a riot. Its definitely a key ingredient of sane survival to keep your sense of humor at times when all else in your life would conspire to extinguish it.

Epimenides said...

Glad you all liked my joke ladies! :)

Sorry for not posting anything since! Hopefully will have some time to do so this weekend!

Anonymous said...

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