Thursday, 12 July 2007

Change your life

So there I am tired and fed up with my shopping spree, and decided it was time to take it easy, by taking a stroll through a bookstore.
It had been almost three years since I last was in Manchester, and wanted to relive my days there as a student. I did the whole tour of the city, visiting all the places I used to frequent with the guys while students there, walked in the rain, and as you can imagine, had a couple of pints of bitter in the pub across UMIST, the Lass O' Gowrie.
Ah yes! So, I'm in the bookstore, browsing the isles, and trying to find any interesting stuff to quench my thirst for reading - the beer part had been taken care of.
I'm pretty lazy I guess, so I either go for books with action and intrigue, or subjects about professional matters. This time, however, my eyes were drawn to a self help book with the catchy tittle "Change your Life in 7 Days" by Paul Mc Kenna. "Just the book I need " I thought , and dashed to the cashier to pay for it.
I wanted a book like that, because as you may have noticed, I'm going through a patch in my life where I don't know what to do next. I'm not satisfied with much of what I'm doing now, and really needed the help - especially if it can be swift and effective!
To date, I've read it three times! It's a nice book, easy and pleasant to read, with good quotes from famous people and some pretty useful exercises to make you more targeted, confident and more relaxed. It also has a CD where the author takes you through a half an hour meditation/relaxation session.
He recommends making the exercises, and listening to the CD a daily routine. It's kinda like training your mind and spirit on being positive and having a good attitude about things. Teaching yourself how to succeed in what you want.
I've decided to take some action on that once again, and have promised myself to follow his instructions, even if that means getting up earlier in the morning, or going to sleep half an hour later. I mean, bugger-all else has worked so far, so there's not much to lose really!
I've also promised myself to go out and at least buy a set of "Teach Yourself Portuguese", as I've been postponing it for quite some time now!
I did some thinking in the past days (and that doesn't include the piss-up day obviously) and have decided that I really want to make things work out with my girl, more than anything else right now. It's shouldn't be a difficult ask if we really love each other, although maybe the practicalities of our relationship seem complicated.
So there you have it! Epi has made two commitments to himself, and is pretty darned determined to make changes in his life!


Anonymous said...

I'm wishing you the best of luck and sending Good Bastard Vibes to you. This girl thing has you all messed up dude! Sounds like it should be your first priority.

HollyGL said...

Epi, I have listened to similar cds, and I definitely think there are benefits to them as far as keeping you focused and inspiring you with new goal oriented ideas.

Good luck with your girl, Epi. I hope everything works out exactly as you want it to.

"Wolfgang" said...

Congratulations on your two commitments! Sounds small, but that's actually a big step. I hope it goes well.

Alice Kildaire said...

I'll be beaming nice little "you can do it" vibes your way! Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh way to go EPI. First step in the right direction.

Amel's Realm said...


Hey, I had a long-distance relationship, too, remember? It was complicated and EXPENSIVE (long-distance calls), but we did it!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you can do it, too, esp. since you've talked about it with your girl and she's serious, too. :-)))

Michelle said...

I've seen Paul McKenna on TV. He's brilliant.

Good luck with your midyear resolutions, Epi! But especially - good luck with getting your girl. :-)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Epi, life is about making decisions, so if you make more good decisions than bad ones, you will end up well.
Now you have made a good decision to start your commitments! So, good luck and we the bloggers will be with you.

Uncle Phatato said...

I'm sending you Uncle Vibes! I'm not sure what that is, but I'm sending 'em because they're positive. Good luck.

Epimenides said...

Thanks for the Bastard Vibes David! Deep inside I know that my girl is my priority. I guess I've not been willing to take any risk in case of getting broken hearted again. What the heck! It's all in the game!

The reading part is ok, hollygl, I find it difficult to meditate though.

Thanks Wolfgang! "A long treck starts with a single step", I think Comfucious said.

Thank you trully Alice!

jyankee - "A small step for the world; A giant leap for Epi". ;)

Your life's experience gives me a lot of courage Amel. Thank you!

Oh Michelle! God knows how much I want this to work out! Thanks!!!

Mother hen, you have a way of touching my heart with your comments! Thank you!

Thanks Uncle P! Any kind of good vibes are good!

To all you guys. I truly appreciate your kind words and your support! Thank you all for being there!!!!

rp said...

Hi, Epi. A very dear friend of mine asks for white light to be sent his way when he needs a shot in the arm...positive energy. So this is me asking the universe to send some to you!! Hope all works out with your girl. Committing to yourself is the first step, so Congrats on that...

Epimenides said...

Than you rp! :)