Sunday, 12 August 2007

Strange Dream

Standing in front of a hospital bed, looking at my father laying there, fresh out of the operating theater, my mother sitting next to him, holding his hand, with a worried look on her face.
I woke up in a cold sweat and spoke aloud: "Please God not my Dad"! It was October '99 and I was in Ghana.
A week later my sister informed me that dad had and appendectomy on the day I saw that dream!
I didn't think about it until December the same year, when my dad was admitted to the hospital for a second time, for another operation since it seemed that the cancer was not completely cleared the first time.
It was the afternoon after the operation, while standing over my dad's bed, that it struck me. I had lived that moment before!
I looked around the room, and everything was so familiar. The layout, the postures of all present, even the name of the old gentleman recovering in the next bed!
I didn't speak about it with anyone for months to come, fearing derision or strange looks at the very least!
I've had some deja vu kind of experiences before, but nothing as strong or freaking out as this!


Rebecca said...

Wow, Epi, that's amazing. I have had dreams that came true, but no where near so important!

"Wolfgang" said...

That's wild! I've had stuff like that before. Deja vu's are strange and amazing. Stephen King has written the definitive short story about them called "That Thing You Can Only Say What It Is In French."

I also remember an old Saturday morning cartoon where a character was cleaning out his bookcase and pulled out a book and read the title: "Deja Vu: The Feeling You've Done Something Before." Next book: "Deja Vu" The Feeling You've Done Somethig Before." Same for the next 2 books before he gives up in frustration.

This post probably should be grouped with mine and Nick's from Anything Goes! in our recent spate of paranormal posts.

Thanks for sharing!

Blur Ting said...

Wow, that's so amazing! I have never had a dream as real as this. So it is really true when people talk about deja vu experiences.

JYankee said...

That is wild! I've had similar experiences too.. but as you say, none like that....weird....

Epimenides said...

I tell you rebecca! This is the weirdest dream ever for me!

wolfgang, from the comments here, it seems that everyone has had a deja vu feeling one way or another! Funny cartoon btw! :)

Ting, it seems that deja vu is pretty common, doesn't it?

jyankee, I've had a nightmare of Mickey chasing to eat me, when I was a kid, but this dream takes some beating doesn't it?

Amel's Realm said...


Maybe it's some kind of premonition?

Ah I remember something about this. Maybe I better write it down as a post. THX for inspiring me he he he...

Michelle said...

Amazing story, Epi.

I can imagine you must have felt very freaked! :-O

HollyGL said...

Epi, That used to happen to me a lot when I was much younger. Its really freaky when you realize you have experienced that collection of moments before.

David said...

Ever wonder why some people go crazy? Maybe this happens to them all the time. [goes off to drool in corner]

The Real Mother Hen said...

Interesting Epi. I strongly believe that when one doesn't focus on oneself, but the whole, one is connected to the universe which time/space don't exist and able to see the past/present/future.

Epimenides said...

What's really more amazing Amel, is that my mom has dreams when somthing is wrong with me! She seems to know before I even tell her!

Michelle, I spent the day in the hospital whit a big question mark floating over my head!

I don't know if freaked is the right word to describe my feelings about this incident hollygl. Wondering perhaps is more to the point!

I know David! Have I showed you my new jacket with the buckles for the sleeves on the back? Very trendy! :)

Mother hen, life has proven me totally blind to issues about the present!

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