Thursday, 9 August 2007

Here goes another one

...flying over the cookoo's nest!

This seems to be the best description of office life these past couple of weeks.

Thankfully, I'm not the only one in there desperately trying to keep up with what seems to be a long lost plot!

It has now become painfully obvious that our ERP and WPS systems are not best of friends, they hardly ever communicate with each other, except for human intervention. We have therefore changed our job titles to "Human Interfaces", constantly transferring data from one to the other.

Meanwhile, we try to put some discipline into the two spoilt kindergarten brats, only to be thrown back by some new surprising behaviour by each of them. The use of pen and paper has become mandatory, to such an extent that we seem to go through a dozen of trees' worth of paper a day!

Deep inside, all of us are aware that we are completely and utterly screwed for the next few months! It'll take a lot of time for the two brats to reconcile their differences and become the friends we all hope and pray they become. Time that we don't have since the Earth revolves around itself every twenty for hours!

To make things more interesting, the majority of the people are taking their annual leave around this time, leaving behind a couple of heroic fighters trying desperately to joggle a few hundred of daily tasks between them.

What is surprising though, is that this state of affairs has brought up the best of the previously untapped humour hidden in each and every one of us!

No action occurs without somebody making a funny remark about it! Especially when there some kind of a cock up involved. And believe you me, there's a heck of a lot of cock ups these days!

The hours we spend at the office, carrying out our "interface" duties are building up to such an extent, that today we even ordered out for a pizza for dinner. Other co-workers go out for drinks or food. We bring it to the office!

With September being the busiest moth in the year for our company, and the proverbial light-in-the-tunnel of our current software mess being months away, we have all resigned to the idea that the trend of pizza dinners at the office is going to become a status quo.

Anyone care for a slice?


Kate said...

I'll take some. Sounds like my workplace. Down at the bottom of the black pit is a well of black humor, thank God.

JYankee said...

Yes...we do that too and it sounds very MUCH like my work place as well. Funny how that kind of stuff is universal! Can you heat-pack the pizza and sent it this way?

Blur Ting said...

Oh dear. Poor Epi. Tell you what, I'll come over. Save a slice. Make that 2!

Rebecca said...

Sometimes, Epi, as you well know, all you can do is laugh. Glad you are all dealing with debacle with a measure of humor.

And, yes, please. Save me a slice. be right over. I'm good at back rubs. Maybe while you all scarf down your food and drink, I can massage some of the tension out.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Awwww that isn't fun, but you know, you haven't lost your sense of humor, in fact, you make the best out of the situation. You have a good attitude Epi :)

Anonymous said...

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