Tuesday, 29 May 2007

What a Day

Today for me has been one of those days movie scripts are written for. (Well, perhaps not the better ones).

A corn flakes' breakfast and a drive to work through long traffic, like any other day, was how it all started.

Checked my emails, cleared my inbox and went through the daily routine. Phone rings, and we are informed that one of the guys has been involved in a car crash! Boom! It all starts falling apart. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but his car is a write-off.

Scene two, and a complete stranger walks into the office, ranting and raving, shouting, swearing and very animated. He's in the wrong office! Go figure.

Scene three, I phone some potential recruiters to inform them that I am not interested in the job they are offering. Very polite and civilised conversation, ends with both parties disappointed. Me, because it was almost what I was looking for, and them because they are struggling to find someone to fill the vacancy.

Ten minutes after hanging up, my mobile rings. It's a recruitment agency, offering me the exact same job!

Twelve thirty comes, with an unpleasant surprise. My computer crashes, never to recover again. An army of IT guys gets involved in the project of reviving it, but alas, it has gone for good.

To cut a long story short, the rest of the day was about getting a new one and trying to recover as much data as possible from the server back up.

Returning home, I try to log on to my blog to post an entry and to have a read of some other sites and blogs. Couldn't concentrate for more than five minutes, and decided to go to the gym instead.

Boom again. The schedule has changed and I have to do circuit training with the ladies. Hmmm! Now that was a pleasant surprise! Marvelous workout.

Back at "the farm", showered, dined and after a bit of browsing on the net, posting this.

I received an email from a friend asking me to check-out through this link.

  • Go to "Human Upgrades"
  • Click on "The Team"
  • Go to "Anesthesiologists"
  • Click on the Fourth picture and read the legend!!!! LOLOL

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Anonymous said...

this isn't sush a big suprise 'cause i know a lot of guys that manage to keep their job just by giving good bjs to other guys