Friday, 25 May 2007

Vote for Tania Dervaux

The Belgian elections of the 10th of June are expected to be an exciting affair. Tania Dervaux has made a pre-election commitment to provide 40,000 of her male voters with 5minutes of pleasure.

The Belgian politician (?) explains in the party's website, that in response to extravagant announcements from other politicians to generate the incredible number of 400,000 jobs (!), has decided to announce her own...politics.

She will satisfy 40,000 men, in the whole of Belgium offering them oral sex.

According to her calculations, she will need 500 days. This averages 80 oral satisfactions a day!

Ms Dervaux said "I wanted to respond to the amazing announcements of other parties, some of which are promising incredible numbers of new jobs. We responded with a parody campaign, where I was photographed naked and promised 40,000 bjs. Our campaign gathered the attention of the international media. We got hundreds of emails requesting for 400,000 bjs. If my campaign draws more attention, I intend to give 400,000 bjs..."

Ms Dervaux has set some base rules for interested applicants.

1. Interested parties must be above 18 years old.

2. The use of condoms is compulsory.

3. The interested party cannot request any other form of physical contact.

4. If he attempts something else the service will be immediately terminated.

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