Sunday, 2 September 2007

Nature lovers

You may recall, from reading this blog, that about a month ago there was a fire that reduced 20% of the forest around Athens to to ashes.
It seems that this country is "blessed" with numerous "nature loving" individuals, who want to be as close to the forest as they possibly can, perhaps in an attempt to stop such an occurrence from happening again.
To significant personal expense, they have rushed to be the first to show their love for nature, and the way for future generations.
I am disgusted being a law abiding, tax paying citizen in a country with people of such mentality!
We are a third world country with no hope of development!
The Phoenix has no hope of resurrecting. It's ashes have been covered with concrete!

Disgusting concrete structure in the midst of the burnt trees

Disgusting concrete structure #2 in the midst of the burnt trees

A third concrete monster bearing it's ugly head

And a fourth one!


The Real Mother Hen said...

ok I'm lost... All I see is concrete in the middle of a forest among trees. What were there for at the very first place? Homes?

Amel's Realm said...


I'm SO sorry to hear this news, Epi!!! All this disgusts me, too!!! YUCK!!!

HollyGL said...

I'm so sorry, Epi. There are just no words...

Epimenides said...

Mother hen, what was there before is trees. What is there now is summer home structures!

Yuck indeed Amel!

Iknow hollygl. I know....

Kate said...

So, I'm trying to understand. People had started these structures before the fires? Or they are building them immediately when the fires are over?

Rebecca said...

Wow. Such opportunism is just revolting!

Michelle said...


Rebecca said...

In the course of my work, I came across this article published in the upcoming issue of an insurance publication:

LARGELY UNINSURED [ATHENS, Greece]—Insurers are not likely to be scorched by the wildfires that swept through parts of Greece claiming at least 64 lives and destroying livestock, vineyards and property, much of it uninsured.

The blazes that burned 184,000 hectares over three days in late August were particularly fierce on the island of Evia and the western Peloponnese peninsula.

Many of the properties consumed by the fires were uninsured homes, insurance market sources confirmed. Commercial losses appear to be limited to a few small businesses.

“We have talked with our insurers, which represent about 90% of the Greek portfolio, and they have not seen anything serious,” said George Zafiriou, chief executive officer of Comergon S.A., an Athens-based insurance broker.

“I heard there were a couple of wood processing plants that burned,” he said. “These were small establishments. I doubt they will be claims of more than a couple of hundred thousand euros.”

The Greek government, and, ultimately, taxpayers will foot much of the recovery bill, said Mr. Zafiriou.

Businesses affected by the fires were offered immediate grants of €5,000 from Greece’s Ministry of Economy and Finance to cover living and operating expenses.

The fires are suspected to be the work of arsonists and Greek authorities have offered rewards of up to €1 million for their arrest.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Epi, you too busy with work again? :(

Rebecca said...

Epi. Are you ok? It's been a while, and I'm getting worried!

JYankee said...

epi where ARE you?????

Anonymous said...

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